Shark Island -《Gathering Of The Faithful》[MP3!]

Shark Island -《Gathering Of The Faithful》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Shark Island -《Gathering Of The Faithful》[MP3!]
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  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: Gathering Of The Faithful歌手: Shark Island资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2006年07月04日地区: 美国语言: 英语简介:
    专辑流派: Heavy Metal
    实在是找不到中文的介绍,Shark Island是80年代L.A.的最大的乐队,称自己为“在L.A.最成功的摇滚show.”他们的音乐充满力量,让你随之roking。他们是很老很久,但他们音乐很棒。
    Shark Island were the biggest band in L.A. in the 80s, calling themselves the longest running successful rock show in L.A. . They play moving hard rock which has great energy and makes you want to rock with it. They are an old group but their music is great.
    The guitars are not too heavy or chuggy like in some bands and the guitarist is very good indeed - he plays great riffs and can play very fast lead solos. The vocalist has a brilliant voice which fits in with the music really well.
    Shark Island started off as Sharks in 1979 with the two principal members being Richard Black on vocals and Spencer Sercombe on guitar. The two met at high school and formed Sharks . Line-up changed continuously over the years and the band released an album called Altar Ego independently in 1982.
    Over the years, the band were to grow immensely being a great live band, selling out most of their shows. They headlined at Gazarri s , a Hollywood nightclub, every other weekend on Friday and Saturday nights and also played cover songs every week at a small club in Pasadena called, Richard s Inn. The band changed their name to Shark Island around 1985 (I m not sure when exactly) and released another independent album, S cool Buss , in 1986.
    The band were raved about for several years as one of the best rock bands in L.A., but getting a record deal was not an easy process. The band were initially signed to A M, butlater dropped and picked up by Epic. Drummer Walt Woodward left and joined The Scream, and guitairst K.K.Martin who had been with the band off and on from 1984 parted ways, citing artistic differences .
    I believe Richard Black was at first the only member who was signed, but Spencer evidently followed him and bassist Chris Heilmann and drummer Greg Ellis joined in 1989 to record and release their best effort yet - Law of the Order .
    What happened to Shark Island is somewhat of a mystery to me. How did the the fast becoming greatest band on the strip suddenly disappear? From what I ve heard, I think it was mainly to do with record company problems.
    No albums came after Law of the Order , the bands only release through a record company. I have some unreleased songs from 1992 but that s as far as it goes. I know that Richard Black sung in Contraband , a supergroup also made up from members of Ratt, MSG, Vixen and LA Guns. Contraband released a self-titled album in 1991 but despite the big names, it is not a masterpiece. For a bit more on Contraband, try .
    Greg Ellis left the band and played in Michael Monroe s band. I also heard that Spencer and Chris did a project called SLIP (or something like that).
    Spencer went on to play in the band Riverdogs with Vivian Campbell from Def Leppard. They recorded a self-titled album in 1995(?). Afterwards, he played in Bill Ward s band (ex-Black Sabbath) and recorded an album in 1997 called When the Bough Breaks . He played in a ZZ Top tribute band called Fandango and I also heard that he did some records with a band called Jamie Rio Newmatic Slam ( ). You can visit Bill Ward s webpage at : and read Spencer s biography.
    Richard started up a band called Black 13 who were rehearsing together in 1995/1996 but never released any material and only performed a
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