Cud -《Asquarius》[MP3]

Cud -《Asquarius》[MP3]
  • 片  名  Cud -《Asquarius》[MP3]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 1992年07月14日地区: 英国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 专辑介绍:
    本人第一次发片 选择了这张Cud的Asquarius 这张专辑我曾经苦寻不到 终于在前段时间下载到了 eMule上现在没有 于是发出来与大家共享
    这张专辑被很多人评论为Britpop的顶峰之作 甚至评价高过blur的开山之作modern life is rubbish 但也许是众口不一吧 我感觉这张专辑只能称得上入耳 听过几遍之后 还是感觉配不上如此之高的评论
    网络上很多资料都误将此乐队名称写成Cub 这也是很难下到此专辑的原因之一吧 其实Cub这个乐队也是存在的 而且是一支很不错的indie乐队
    不论是中文还是英文的 关于乐队的介绍都没找到 只知道成立于英国 发表过的专辑有89年的When in Rome, Kill Me 90的Elvis Belt和Leggy Mambo 92年的这张Asquarius 以及95年的Showbiz(AMG同样给出了4.5星好评 我还没听过 ```) EP及单曲零零散散发行过6张 05年还出过一个叫When at Home, Film Me的DVD 其他的资料我也就没收集到什么了
    以下是转自AMG对此专辑的评价 (4星半)
    The band s major label debut also turned out to be its crowning glory, a fun, always entertaining and energetic release that spills over with life. Produced excellently by Mekons lead figure Jon Langford, a fellow Leeds person, Asquarius completely stood apart from everything released in 1992 and as a result sounds even more unique and interesting as time goes on. Even in a couple of the calmer, more reflective moments, one senses Cud is still giving it everything they have, while on the more obviously upbeat tip they trip from one catchy minimasterpiece to the next. Musically the quartet balance indie pop and light funk with just enough rock bite throughout to really connect, while Puttnam sounds like he should be taking a bow every night. Rich and Strange, the brilliant opening track, describes Puttnam s voice as well as anything, while the song itself is a triumph of how humor in music need not mean archly nerdy bad jokes, even as the song gets increasingly anthemic as it goes. The other singles from the album were also understandable highlights — Through the Roof, a tight, acoustic guitar-led groove that is a slightly more wired cousin to Magic, and the fantastic Once Again. This song, with a smart string arrangement and some simply exquisite acoustic guitar from both Dunphy and Langford, is at once a slyly funny and deeply melancholy end-of-romance number, with Puttnam s low, soft singing some of his best. Then there s Spanish Love Song, with a just-flamenco-enough guitar leading into a surprisingly effective portrayal of a love that bitterly lingers on, the band s work matching the sentiments very well. Add in everything from the concluding freak frazzle of No Smoking to the breezy summertime good music vibes of Magic Alex and the harmonica-tinged sass of Soul Food, and Asquarius comes up smelling of roses throughout. Kudos to the hilarious inside art picturing other releases not available on A M, including the suspect Donkey With a Fez On and Ignore the Hobbit.
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