《jewelCAD 5.1》(jewelCAD 5.1)试用版[ISO]

《jewelCAD 5.1》(jewelCAD 5.1)试用版[ISO]
  • 片  名  《jewelCAD 5.1》(jewelCAD 5.1)试用版[ISO]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2004年制作发行: jewelCAD
  • 类  别  软件
  • 小  类  多媒体类

  • 详细介绍中文名: jewelCAD 5.1英文名: jewelCAD 5.1资源格式: 光盘镜像版本: 试用版发行时间: 2004年制作发行: jewelCAD地区: 大陆,美国简介:
    jewelCAD 是一个专门珠宝首饰行业的制图软件,画首饰图方便易用,这是本人第一次发布资源,我查了很多网站都找不到下载,虽然本版是试用版,网上也找不到补丁,这有一个月的试用期限,安装后再卸载重新安装同样提示过期,试用版不能保存图像还加了水印,做过首饰设计的人都知道它是做什么用,其他人作用不大
    [已通过安全检测]卡巴斯基5.0.372版,winXP sp2系统
    [已通过安装测试]win XP SP1 安装测试
    JewelCAD Release Notes
    JewelCAD 5.1 (update 2) Release Notes
    Misc - A STL Output sub-menu is added to the Misc menu. This sub-menu includes stl outputs that are good for 3 axis nc and rotary nc.
    Bug Fixed - Miscellaneous bugs are fixed.
    JewelCAD 5.1 (update 1) Release Notes
    View - Improved the redraw speed of objects of many CVs.
    View - Further reducing the display quality of facet objects for Quick Wire Frame mode to improve viewing efficiency.
    Deform - Working efficiency is improved for Normal Wire Frame mode especially for facet objects
    Help - JewelCAD User Registration - A command is added to allow users to register their informations through Internet.
    JewelCAD 5.1 Release Notes
    File - Open - Fixed bugs opening files with saved hidden jewels. In previous version, jewels hidden by the Edit - Hide Jewel command and saved in a file cannot be shown again by the Edit - Show Jewel command when the saved file is open.
    File - Cimagraphi - Added functions for importing and exporting files to and from Cimagraphi software. The Cimagraphi menu commands only appear on the File menu for those computers with Cimagraphi software installed.
    View - Curves and T-Lines can now be displayed in shading in color mode and rendering mode.
    Deform - For move, size, flip, roll and other deforming commands, when objects are being deforming in wire frame mode, you will see two copies of the objects: one for objects at the initial state and one for objects at the deformed state.
    Boolean - Fixed bugs for making boolean objects by subtracting objects from jewels.
    Help - Can now use F1 hotkey to open the JewelCAD help file
    JewelCAD 5.0 (update 3) Release Notes
    File - Import - Fixed problems for importing dxf and stl files
    View - Improved speed of shading and rendering facet objects
    Copy - Cut Paste - The Cut Paste copying effect for fast shading mode is now same as wire frame modes
    JewelCAD 5.0 (update 2) Release Notes
    File - Fixed bugs in openning files from JewelCAD v4.2
    Edit - Create Material - Fixed bugs in generating material image
    View - Fixed screen refreshing problem
    Pick CV - Fixed bugs in picking CVs
    JewelCAD 5.0 (update 1) Release Notes
    New Functions
    File - Export - Export JCV file for JewelCAD viewer
    Curve - Curve In Between - Create a curve midway between two curves of same number of CVs.
    Curve - Curve Length - Estimate length of a curve
    Modified functions
    File - Import - For objects imported from dxf or stl files, the material texture mapping are now set to planar at XY plane. This is to improve the application of jewel textures on those objects.
    View - Background - The background image is now kept during interactions in transforming and deforming functions. In previous version the background image were temporarily hidden.
    View - Grid Setting - All views use the same grid setting
    View - Rendering - Does not clear screen before rendering
    View - Multiple view functions, i.e. Front/Right, Fr
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